Advancing clean technologies

In the mission of innovation

Gerotor develops industry-leading systems for fuel cells & energy storage based on the highest quality and innovation standards to help customers implement energy efficient technologies and sustainable solutions. The focus is on comprehensive, powerful and reliable systems, based on latest electrical engines, power electronics and smart controls.


Technology Portfolio

Fuel cell compressors

The FCC blows air into fuel cells. In order for the fuel cell system to operate as effectively as possible, oxygen is transported to the fuel-cell stack in the cathode path via the electric air compressor. More oxygen enables higher FC performance.

High power storage

The HPS holds kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass, and convert this energy to electric power. It is designed for highly dynamic processes with repeating charging and discharging and to ensure continuous power supply.

Frequency converters

The high power frequency converter uses latest materials and modules which ensures exceptionally low rotor losses. It convinces by a maximum output, small footprint, reduced system costs and high efficiency.

Intelligent software

The intelligent Self Tuning Energy Efficiency Control software enables a large scale deployment of C&I (commercial & industrial) energy storage systems for applications where complex integration barriers are given at the moment.




European Commission: Rising Star for the next “European Business Award for the Environment”

Federal Ministry for the Environment: “IKU Innovation Award”

Mechanical Engineering Summit: Official “Start-up Award”

Hanover Trade Fair: Official “Industrial Energy Efficiency Award”